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At J.R.’s Elite Bookkeeping Services we pride ourselves in offering exceptional bookkeeping services to our clients. We work one on one with you to create a financial plan so you are able to create and meet your business goals. During your free consultation, your bookkeeper will help you identify the best bookkeeping package for your business needs. One of the top benefits our bookkeeping packages offer, is that it allows us to grow with you and your company. Therefore, you’re able to upgrade, or downgrade, your bookkeeping package when necessary. We even offer you a money back guarantee for your first 30 days with us. That’s right! If within your first 30 days, you feel that we aren’t the right fit for your company you are able to get your first month’s payment back. That is to prove to you just how confident we are in our services. Nonetheless, you are also able to cancel your bookkeeping package after the first 30 days, no hidden fees or anything. All we ask is that you give us 30 day notice that you have decided to change your bookkeeping company. Therefore, you are not tied in to any legal contracts. We are here to service you and make your bookkeeping experience exceptional and your days as a busy entrepreneur as easy and efficient as possible! 


Core Services

Packages Starting At $199 A Month


As your Bookkeeper, it is not just about entering numbers into the ledger. It is a thoughtful understanding of your business, managing the day to day input of information, outflow and inflow of cash, and much more. Recording and reconciling your business’ financial activity correctly is critical to you reaching your goal as a successful business owner…

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Cash flow can make or break any business. Specifically, the lack of cash flow. Unfortunately, all too often, small business owners risk their positive cash flow to meet their short-term crisis needs. However, this short-term sacrifice leaves the risk of never recovering from their previous crisis. This is one of the most common reasons that businesses fail.

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As a business owner in the 21st Century; conducting commerce over the Internet is a necessity now. If you want to remain competitive and strong, you must be able to access your financial data online from anywhere at any time from any device. It is a key aspect now in running a business and if you aren’t there yet, don’t fret, we’re going to help you!

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Lines of credit can have both positive and negative effects for any business owner. You must have knowledge of the risks and costs that comes with maintaining high balances as well as the consequences that come with not paying your balances down. You also must be aware of your business credit score… YES. That’s a thing.

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Business Bookkeeping Packages

Starting At $199 A Month


The Start Up Bookkeeping Package is primarily for starter businesses that have minimal daily bank transactions and expenses. This package is perfect for someone seeking the essentials!

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The Growth Bookkeeping Package is for small businesses that are in the growing phase and need more than the essentials. This is great for someone looking for day-to-day bookkeeping.

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The Established Bookkeeping Package is for businesses that need all the bookkeeping essentials. This bookkeeping package is perfect for businesses with a high volume of financial transactions.

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