Do you want to purchase a home, fix your credit score, apply for a loan, create a budget and see results, plan for retirement, set financial goals, schedule and organize your bills, or get professional advice to generate more income? If so, then you are in the right place. With our Financial Planning package, you will get all the services mentioned above. You will even get a printable finance tracker (8.5×11”) so that you are able to track everything in one binder! I will personally email you monthly items to add to your financial tracker such as (but are not limited to): Monthly Budget Worksheet, Savings Tracker, Financial Goals Tracker, Checkbook Tracker, Bill Payment Checklist, Spending Tracker, Debt Elimination Tracker, Debt Tracker for Balances and a Password Keeper!

Again, I will personally send you your finance tracker for each perspective month and check the results of your previous month, make adjustments (if needed), make recommendations and hold you accountable. This will allow you to look at your progress, set your goals and most importantly, see your results! Hiring a professional accountant with the necessary experience and knowledge will allow you to maximize your savings, increase your credit score, track your monthly financial activity, with your finance tracker, and prepare for your taxes every year all for $99/month!

This package is all about giving you the financial freedom that you want and deserve!

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Bookkeeping Guarantee



  • Printable Finance Tracker

    You will get a personal and printable finance tracker every month to track your progress and goals.

  • Budgeting

    We will create a monthly budget tailored to your needs and goals and adjust when needed.



  • Credit Management

    Will work with you to eliminate all credit debt and increase your current credit rating.

  • Plan For Your Future

    Together we will set your short term & long term goals and get you the results you want!



Let’s work together

We are trained professionals that are here to ensure that your financials are recorded accurately, timely and reported correctly. We can help you budget, maintain current accounts payable and ensure that you get paid through your accounts receivable. Don’t let your businesses’ growth take the backseat to bookkeeping and instead let us do it for you. Let’s not only work together, but let’s build together as well.  Contact us today for your free consultation with Jennifer Rivera, JREBS CEO!