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That is one of the many reasons why we work diligently to record & reconcile your bank transactions in a timely manner, classify them accurately, and provide a process for creating wealth within your organization. With our dedication to proactively managing and maintaining your books, we’re able to accurately record your financial records and always have them up-to-date. Not having your books recorded or reconciled correctly and on time, will have serious consequences for both you and your business! You risk three things.  First, you risk having the IRS shut down your business. Secondly, you risk not having accurate financials at your fingertips, which allows you to react quickly and deftly to situations as they arise. Lastly, you risk losing money when it’s time to file for your taxes. However, don’t fret, we have you covered! We will record all your transactions on time, create flows of finance, accurately record and categorize your transactions, and provide a process for creating wealth within your organization. These crucial steps to managing and maintaining your books allows you to take a financial snapshot at any moment in time and clearly see the credits, debits, revenue, and debt of your business. Let us help you with our exceptional recording, data entry, and reconciling skills included in your bookkeeping services package and help your business! Pricing varies based on the size and needs of your company.

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Bookkeeping Guarantee




    We will provide you records and reports that will allow you to make great business decisions every day of the week.


    We will create tailored policies and procedures so that you there are guidelines in place for how your bookkeeping is done.




    We’ll pull and integrate your daily bank activity into your accounting system to ensure that your financial activity is always accurate.


    Close the books at the end of each month to ensure proper recording of your expenses/revenue so that there are no discrepancies.


Let’s work together

We are trained professionals that are here to ensure that your financials are recorded accurately, timely and reported correctly. We can help you budget, maintain current accounts payable and ensure that you get paid through your accounts receivable. Don’t let your businesses’ growth take the backseat to bookkeeping and instead let us do it for you. Let’s not only work together, but let’s build together as well.  Contact us today for your free consultation with Jennifer Rivera, JREBS CEO!